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Her eyes quickly found interest in the carpet of her living room floor; she couldn't bear to look into those stern, but loving blue eyes. Ludwig had been worried out of his mind and (F/N) could tell; his navy blue button up shirt was buttoned unevenly and wrinkled, his hair was out of its normally slicked back style, and he looked like he could use some sleep. Never before had she seen him that way, even that time his brother Gilbert was arrested for getting into a drunken fight; he had remained cool, calm and collected. Ludwig was the stable, dependable friend who you could always count on; as long as you could take getting yelled at. He had never broken down and become disorganized nor a mess, but this was different.

"Look at me, please," He prompted and walked inside of (F/N's) home, without being invited inside. His eyes soaked up the mess of a woman she had become; he wished every day to make life better for her. Ludwig missed her smile, her life and most certainly the way her eyes would light up at the simplest of things. (F/N) was always able to see the good in everything; Ludwig wasn't sure how, but she even found much good in his idiot of a brother. This was odd, something with in him stirred, causing him to hug her. He was never one for hugs, but a fire surged through his body as her face nuzzled into his shirt and his heart picked up its pace.

A hug; maybe that was what (F/N) had truly needed after all of this time. Not just any ordinary hug, one filled with love and tenderness, one with someone who cared deeply.  She stood there, listening to the sound of Ludwig's heart; it is something beautiful to be in the strong arms of embrace.

"I'm sorry," This was all (F/N) could utter, her eyes finally making contact with Ludwig's. Her gaze did not falter, for solace was found in his beautiful eyes.  She was taken aback when she heard the tall German let out a soft chuckle. Laughter was something that she had not heard in months and boy had she missed it.

"Sorry? Mein liebling, what is there to be sorry for?" He searched her face for an answer as he held her back at arm's length.  She only started to unbutton Ludwig's shirt. "What on Earth are you doing?!" He could not help but shout at her sudden action.

(F/N) let out the first laugh since she had fallen into her depression. Her (E/C) orbs shone with the lightness laughter brought on her heavy heart. "You did an awful job of buttoning this shirt," She smiled softly and adjusted Ludwig's shirt so it was no longer crooked.  Her fingers worked nimbly as they put each button in its rightful place.

"I was worried. I thought you were going to waste away in this state of yours. Getting dressed properly was hardly on my mind," Ludwig sighed and slicked his hair back from his eyes; it had continued to fall into his eyes the entire time he had been there. "I was thinking the same thing," She sighed in self-disappointment, never in her life had she thought she would ever reduce to such a self-loathing pile of contempt.  

Ludwig put a hand underneath (F/N's) chin and tilted her face up so that they were looking into each other's eyes. "I know you're broken, but I can fix you," This was not a statement, nor a promise, this was a guarantee. His voice held the same stern tone it always had, so (F/N) knew the seriousness of what he had said.
Chapter Two :D
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will there be chapter 3?
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Can't wait for the other chapter to come out!
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Fluffy!!!! aww!!! this is so fluffy ^///////////^ is this the last chapter? hope it isn't....
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